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Viking Craft has had a new logo made to improve our graphic works to advertise the server. Let us know of your thoughts on this master piece!

PvP Tournament:

A 1v1 pvp tournament will be hosted on Saturday 4pm EST so if you would like to participate make sure you are on the server. Matches will be randomised until two players reach the final.

Prizes consist of; 1st - $10 Buycraft Voucher, 2nd - 5 Mythical Keys, 3rd - 5 Unique Keys

A YouTuber that goes by the channel of ureazy is coming to record on Saturday. A time hasn't been confirmed but if you do see them, make sure to give them a warm welcoming as it really benefits the server. 

Expect more updates in the future, thank you all for being part of the awesome community.

20 Jul 2016, 22:49 1 | 211

The server will be officially released on July 15th 3pm EST!

We have given the trailer to multiple youtubers and more are to upload over the coming days. We are expecting a good turn out of players so make sure YOU be there!

If you would like to upload the trailer to your channel you may recieve a crate key on the server after showing an administrator. 

Download Link:

Thank you all for your patience - Staff Team.

10 Jul 2016, 22:46 1 | 249

The server has been in Beta for quite some time now and the release is upon us. It only makes it right that for a good release the server must be reset. Yes this means you have to say goodbye to your pig farms, genned walls and all that etc. On the bright side, look forward to good things to come!


We are having a trailer made. We will be sending this to YouTubers to upload with the set release date. I am sure this will bring a good amount of interest as the trailer looks amazing. If good things come after the release some YouTubers will come record on the server to retain a sustainable player base. 

Server Wise:

We have made it less Pay2Win! Yes that's right you guys wanted it and so we have eased our way towards it. 

Vote Tokens: We are trying to encourage voting. Each user can earn up to 3 vote tokens each day and use them at /tokenshop. The shop will include spawners, rare items and even a rank!

Crate Keys: Taking a vote, players preferred Physical keys over Virtual. After the reset there will be a /warp crates where you can use your keys.

Mob Heads: You can earn a little bit extra money off killing mobs. This will make killing mobs more worth while aswell as gaining all that xp.

XPShop: On the topic of xp, you will be able to spend your xp at /warp shop to purchase enchantments on an item you are holding.

FactionFly: The bugs are all patched and should work smoothly, if you find any, be sure to report it to a staff member.

Factions Top: Everyone loves F top. This shows the value of every faction to add more competiton. If I were to buy an Iron Golem spawner and place it in my territory, it adds value to my faction.

Shop Prices: After shop prices went down hill after weeklies were added, they will change slightly to make it worthwhile buying and selling resources.

Top Voter: The top voter of each month will now recieve 5 mythical keys!

Faction Chests: The bug has been fixed! You can now open chests in enemy territory.


That's what has been planned so far, more is to come soon!

Got any suggestions? Please leave them in the Suggestions section of the forum!

Thank you all for staying to be such an awesome Community.


05 Jul 2016, 23:51 4 | 542